Hotel LP Residency-Coco

COCO – Cafe & Osteria

Coco our specialty coffee and snack lounge is the casual hotspot in the Hotel. An extension of the lobby it serves artisan freshly roasted coffee from BLUE TOKAI Coffee roasters. The limited menu also features traditional handmade Neopolitana pizzas freshly baked in a wood fired oven. It also features a wide selection of gourmet breads and pastries.

BOOK A TABLE : +91 0135-2752638


Zaffran offers the most delectable Indian cuisines. It specialises in serving a wide range of Curries from around India along with lip smacking traditional Dum Biryanis. The outlet has a live kitchen and grill and also serves as the breakfast spot for the guests every morning.

BOOK A TABLE : +91 0135-2752638

Hotel LP Residency-Zaffran